Dog Urine Grass Repair

Brown grass spot repair

Bown spots (dead areas) in grass caused by dog urine are a bad problem that Sgt. Poopers can fix!

Photo (above) from 05-06-2019 shows severe damage from dog urine before treatment commenced.
Photo (below) from 06-18-2019 shows remarkable regrowth in just 6 weeks! Yard continued to improve.

after treatment 06 18 19

Massive improvement visible just six weeks later. Home owners VERY happy!

Note that the same two dogs were still using this same area to urinate in. So all this treatment was done while the lawn is still in use by the same dogs.

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How to Treat Dog Urine Spots on Grass

Dog urine (and feces) can kill sections of grass leaving brown spots in the grass. These dead areas are caused by an excess of nitrogen and ammonia salts, specifically “ammonium nitrate” which is a common ingredient in fertilizer, a salt of ammonia.

Our all-natural, made-in-the-USA, soil amendment is safe for your lawn, children, and pets. It provides non-pathogenic nitrogen-consuming bacteria to the soil, plus humates and a wetting agent that reduces water surface tension holding salts. It allows the grass to re-grow in the damaged areas without reseeding. Even the worst situations usually show striking recovery in just six weeks.  Our prices start at just $11.95 per week.

Sgt. Poopers® Disinfection and Deodorizing buttonOur multiple-action formula,

  • consumes ammonia from dog urine
  • binds the salts from the urine
  • increases soil permeability so salts can be washed out
  • works in all tested geographies, Dallas area soil types
  • works with all grass species
  • enables grass recovery

The formula can cause stains in some fabrics, so keep dogs inside until it dries.

lawnburn before after

 Side by side comparison showing turf restoration after just six weeks!

Neutralizing Dog Urine Grass

Sgt. Poopers® Conservation Arrowhead

Dog urine makes soil toxic to plant life. 78% of the air you breath is nitrogen. It’s the most abundant element in the atmosphere. All life requires nitrogen including every kind of grass. Grass also needs water and sunlight. But too much of any of these factors can cause death. What's needed is each element in the proper balance, something our soil amendment can restore.

Nitrogen exists within all living things and is a constituent in protein. When that protein is broken down in the bodies of animals, it releases excess nitrogen which is expelled from the body in urine.

Female dogs are the main culprits since they release all their urine in one spot, whereas male dogs spread it around to mark their territory, putting a little here, a little there, so the concentration is less.

At the cellular level, salts affect how water is absorbed by plant roots. Without salt, the roots cannot absorb water; but when the soil becomes oversaturated with salt, the water absorbtion processes reverses causing water in the roots to be absorbed by the soil: the grass dries out and you get a brown spot in your lawn.

Before: May 6, 2019

The first image looking west from the pool side shows massive destruction of grass cover due to dog urine. Homeowners have two large female dogs. Everyone thought the damage was beyond repair and would require reseeding.

may 6 2019 lawnburn

Six Weeks Later, June 18, 2019

The turf is almost completely restored, only six weeks from the beginning of our treatment protocol. We are again looking again west from poolside.

jun 18 2019 lawnburn

How to Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass Naturally

Since dog urine makes the soil toxic to plant life, it's not a matter of bringing the grass "back to life," but enabling new grass to grow into the dead area by detoxifying the soil so it can support life once more. Left untreated, your grass may not re-grow until next season. But with our soil amendment, you can fully expect the brown patches to begin to re-green within two week with roughly 6 weeks needed to full recovery. In fact, we  often see shocking improvements within one week.

Dog Urine-Killed Grass Service Regimen

OUR REGIMEN: Sgt. Poopers® Chartered Conservationist badgeEach time we clean your yard, we spray our special solution on any existing or newly developing areas of lawn burn. Depending on the toxic concentrations in your soil, and the time of year, our treatment will start to bring back the green in as little as two weeks, with a full recovery in six. In some cases, more or less time may be required. Contributing factors include shade, water supply, and whether your pup continues to put down fresh urine on the same spot. Regardless, we can generally handle the problem quite easily. For sure it will be much, much faster than doing nothing at all since our chemistry does cancels the actual factors that prevent grass recovery and regrowth.

If you want to, you can help mitigate the impact of urine on your grass by flushing each spot with plain water after she goes. For many busy people, that's not always practical. That's why we've found that weekly treatment works. Our prices start at just $11.95 per week.

Get Rid of Dog Urine Spots on Lawn and Bring Back the Green

Our special lawn burn restore contains three primary ingredients:

Sgt. Poopers® Conservation Control Corps seal

  1. A “surfactant” or wetting agent that enables excess salts deposited by dog urine to be washed away.
  2. Ammonia-nitrate consuming bacteria to lower the nitrogen and ammonia levels in the soil to a level that will sustain plant growth.
  3. Humates which are compounds formed over millions of years from the biochemical decomposition of animal and plant life. Humates promote plant growth by increasing the permeability of plant cells to increase nutrient uptake up to 40%, and by enhancing cell division and elongation.

All together, these three ingredients allow grass to more quickly re-grow in the brown, burned areas.

Dog Urine Grass Repair Prices

Brown grass spot control prices

Dog Urine Grass Repair Summary

Sgt. Poopers® graphic from our original 2008 website

A backyard contaminated by dog urine is no walk in the park! Our dog urine grass repair protocol is designed to protect and conserve the most precious parkland of all — the one you call home. It’s like having a park ranger for your own backyard which is why we say, “We treat your yard like a National Park!” 

Sgt. Poopers is a conservation company, so our protocols are based on the principles of conservation. Our approach is common-sense, holistic, always safe, and 100% effective. Our methodology works and you will see immediate results. On top of everything else, no contract is required. We do not use toxic chemistry that can harm people or pets. We restore the balance of nature and make living environments safe for you, children, pets, and beneficial insects like honeybees and butterflies. Please tour our website to learn more. If you have any questions, please call us today at (214) 563-6379. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site..

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We would like to thank you for your interest in Sgt. Poopers. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

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Who does dog urine grass repair IN DALLAS?

Sgt. Poopers Conservation Control Corps restores brown spots in grass caused by dog urine in the Dallas area. With once-weekly application of their multi-action soil amendment, you can fully expect brown patches to begin to re-green within one or two weeks with complete recovery in roughly 6 weeks. Prices start at just $11.95 per week for Dog Urine Grass Repair.

Is there a company that provides dog urine grass repair near me?

Sgt. Poopers restores brown spots in grass caused by dog urine in the Greater Dallas area. With once-weekly application of their multi-action soil amendment, you can fully expect brown patches to begin to re-green within one or two weeks with complete recovery in roughly 6 weeks. Prices start at just $11.95 per week for Dog Urine Grass Repair.

What causes the brown spots in Grass?

Dog urine makes soil toxic to plant life. Sgt. Poopers can repair the brown spots in your lawn.

How long does it take to regrow dead spots in grass from dog urine?

Sgt. Poopers treats brown spots in Dallas lawns. With their once-weekly soil amendment program, you can fully expect the brown patches to begin to re-green within one to two weeks with full recovery occuring in roughly 6 weeks. It is not unusual to see a significant improvement in one week.

How much does it cost to get rid of brown spots in grass from dog urine?

Sgt. Poopers' prices start at just $11.95 per week for their Dog Urine Grass Repair service.

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