Conservation is a "dirty job" as TV's Mike Rowe would say. But what job isn't? Most "clean jobs" are polluted by deadlines and unreal expectations, monotony and wage disputes, office politics, scope creep, moving goal posts, broken agreements, senseless rules, discrimination, not to mention the deterioration of health from sitting in a chair all day. Our Conservation Rangers can't clean up your job, but what we can do is restore the sanctity of your own backyard where Mother Earth provides a refuge and Nature can soothe your soul.

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Erica and Steve Hall, Owners of Sgt. Poopers arrive at the Water Department

Briefing at the Water Department

Sgt Poopers paid a visit to the City of Dallas Water Department — the government agency in charge of protecting water quality by in municipal creeks, streams and lakes.

Sgt. Poopers works with the Dallas Water Department to maintain clean waterwaysOur purpose in visiting was to strengthen our partnership with the Water Department, who have already been very busy in helping to maintain clean waterways.

We briefed water officials on our community education efforts and exchanged ideas on better ways to improve awareness of dog waste as a non-source point pollutant. Run off from sprinklers and rain carry fecal matter from Dallas lawns and into storm drains which empty directly into creeks and waterways that feed into lakes and even the Trinity River. Storm drain water is not processed to remove pollutants, so it is important to limit dog waste since it directly contaminates the water with fecal matter.

"Yes, it seems the practices associated with the Dark Ages aren't so far back as we thought, but are alive and well right under our feet."

There are approximately 1.2 million dogs in the Dallas area, which is like a city of half a million people using their backyards as a toilet. Yes, it seems the practices associated with the Dark Ages aren't so far back as we thought, but are alive and well right under our feet.

Obviously the popularity of dogs as pets, and the consequent high concentration of K9 population in urban areas has brought unforeseen consequences in terms of pollutants. Luckily it is a problem we can all do something about.

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